Nadia P. Bermudez, Esquire

Over the course of my years as a lawyer, I have had the opportunity to hear and work with various professionals in Katy’s area. I can honestly say I found her the most convincing and persuasive in her messaging.  I really enjoyed Katy’s message. She is great at what she does. I am glad to have had this connection and experience with Katy.

Jay McCabe, Senior Vice President and Business Development Officer for Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Working with Katy on my branding helped me to better understand my natural strengths and talents. I already knew I enjoyed my work, but now I understand why. I incorporate these insights into every conversation which has made a huge difference in my ability to attract the right clients. Her work is invaluable to business people and companies at all levels and sizes.

Cathy Huett, Director of Professional Services,
Ken Blanchard Companies

The most helpful takeaway for me is to have gained a future view of possibilities based on my strengths and interests that are in fact, my brand.


Katy helped me to define my business and personal brand, develop a marketing plan, and develop my unique selling proposition. I was able to take the information learned from Katy to a web designer / logo designer and have a logo and website created and launched. I have consistently received about 3-5 new clients each month. Amazing and well worth the investment.

Stephanie Barnier, CFP, Strategic Wealth Associates, San Diego

Katy has an amazing natural ability for guiding her clients to identify their uniqueness. The material is already within us and she brings it to the surface so we can communicate it clearly with others. It is a relatively fast process and I wish I started this work years ago.She believes in endless possibilities for my business and in life. She is the energy and light we all need in business.

Charles Bateh, CEO Global Sports Representation

Katy is the ideal expert to have for personal branding. Katy’s teachings continues to help me grow my business with a reputation which people respect and realize, as I appreciate, my clients are an extension of me. Utilizing Katy’s methods, which includes keeping my personal brand congruent with the culture and practices of my business, has enabled me to grow personally and professionally—including the growth of my client list by tenfold. This is why Katy is the best, she loves what she does as her genuine, loyal and compassionate character is exemplified with great honor. Thank you Katy for working with me and helping me grow, you are an inspiration! I can’t recommend anyone more, for anything, as I would for Katy to be your branding and marketing expert.

Kay Siriani, NuVasive, Inc, San Diego, CA

I am happy to report that all of your coaching has been successful – I was recently promoted! I cannot thank you enough for all of your encouragement. Your program really gave me new insight into not only what MY talents are, but also what the difference is between a talent and a skill. It really shed a lot of light on things for me, and gave me the confidence to push for what I wanted

Skinner Louis, Lead Attorney, Founding Partner, The Louis Law Firm, Orlando, FL

Katy provides an image reality check for individuals and companies. She is a true professional who will look into your body, mind and soul and into every part of your business to make you better and take you to the next level. Our work with Katy confirmed and defined our areas of strength and illuminated areas of weakness that we initially didn’t realize were problematic

Angela Kim Zugman, Esq. Assistant Director, Career Services California Western School of Law

Katy is a polished, engaging speaker. She understands her audience well and knows how to deliver her message about the importance of professional image with candor and humor. I would highly recommend Katy, especially for young professionals.

Karen Feld, Esq., Lewis, Brisbois, Bisgaard & Smith, LLP, Los Angeles, CA

What a wonderful presentation. The speech was perfect for our associates to gain insight as to what is expected in the professional world. You are always welcome to come back.

Timothy E. Naccarato, Esq, Assistant Dean for Academic Programs/Lecturer in Law, McGeorge Law School, Sacramento, CA

The presentation on how to project a positive brand in the legal marketplace by Katy Goshtasbi was highly beneficial to our law students. They especially appreciated the fact that her discussion topics included not only appearance, but also behavior and communications. We plan to invite Katy back for more sessions in the future.

Colleen Truden, Esq., Sacramento, CA

Katy artfully brings a soft-skill talent many professionals spend little time thinking about to the front and center helping them gain greater appreciation for the value and importance of image and style for themselves, their clients, and their law firms. If you have an opportunity to attend her session or talk with her, I highly recommend you invest the time and energy to uncover how you might improve upon your own presentation to the internal and external worlds in which you work. I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation.

Leslie Rojas, Esq., Chicago, IL

As someone just beginning her legal career, I was pleased to meet Katy and thankful for her advice. She was knowledgeable about everything from career development to professional style. She provided me with valuable advice and guidance that young lawyers rarely receive from their superiors. She answered all of my questions that young lawyers must know, but are afraid to ask. I will definitely seek her advice in the future.

First, Know Yourself So You Know What To Market.