Case Studies

Veterinary Specialty Hospitals

Big Result as stated by VSH: “One of the most significant improvements since the personal branding training has been our involvement in community service. We have always taken part in various community events, though our focus lately has been on creating a comprehensive program that allows for and encourages individual participation.

Another significant impact has been the acknowledgement of conflict. Prior to the training, many team members preferred to avoid conflict and hoped the problem would just disappear. While this topic is still a work in progress, we have seen significant improvements in the comfort level with approaching and managing conflicts and confrontations.”

Personal Success Story as stated by VSH: “Over the past year, our hospital has taken part in several initiatives to engage our staff in a different way of thinking about themselves and their roles at Veterinary Specialty Hospital. Without a doubt, the personal branding training provided by Katy has been the most unique. The training has noticeably impacted and escalated the types of conversations we have about the experience we are providing for our clients. Team members who were initially skeptical about the training are now using terms such as, “Perception is reality.”
VSH came to work with Puris because as a 24-hour specialty and emergency veterinary hospital with 170 employees, their focus has always been to provide the highest quality of care to patients. VSH had recently started focusing more on the experience their clients have with VSH as they pave the way in veterinary medicine, with the goal being to become the Mayo Clinic of the veterinary world. Their issues centered around explaining and integrating successfully the personal brands of over 170 employees who cross paths in a 24-hour setting.

Puris provided group training to all staff at VSH, introducing the topic of personal brand management. We then continued our trainings with focus on developing a personal brand that resonates the VSH brand, conflict management and interpersonal skill building across a 24-hour facility.

Skinner Louis, Louis Law Firm

Big Result As Stated By The Louis Law Firm: “The impact of the community service platform that was built for us by Puris has helped us get into the community, build our brand and get known.  Also, the changes that Puris suggested in our office setting has made a huge difference. Katy came down to Florida and suggested we move our office location to a place we could grow into.  We are now brand managers 24/7- our brand identity is consistently integrated into our corporate decisions.”

Louis Law Firm came to work with Puris because the firm needed a clear statement and vision of their personal brand and how it incorporated into a business brand.  The firm was looking to differentiate itself from other small law firms in their market in Florida.

Their issues were similar to many law firms we have seen:  smaller budget, turn-over of some critical employees, need for more optimal office space due to growing staff.  This was all coupled with a strong leader, Skinner Louis, who knew that marketing and branding were the way to go to grow the business, but was not sure exactly where to begin.  Skinner is not only a great lawyer, but a dynamic public speaker and public service servant.

Puris worked with the entire law firm employee pool in defining a personal brand that reflected their individuality, complimented each other, reflected the new business brand and worked well with the target market we identified for them.  We also worked on adapting this personal brand  to integrate into a new business brand that was developing for them, as the firm was newly reinvented due to changes in employees.  We assessed the lawyer personal brand strengths and developed  avenues of networking, community service and public speaking to increase their visibility and credibility.

Jon P. Beyrer, VP, Blankinship & Foster Financial Services

Big Result: enlightening insights into each team members strengths and the type of people within the target market that each  team member would work best with,  community service to enhance the personal and B&F  brands, and specific action items to implement.

B&F came to work with Puris because the firm had changed management recently.  The question was how to not lose the brand recognition developed over the years, yet move forward as new, fresh and authentic.  B&F wanted to highlight their uniqueness in a specific target market and make their brand more relevant and up to date.

Puris worked with five critical employees of B&F in defining a personal brand that reflected their individuality, complimented each other, reflected the new business brand and worked well with the target market we identified for them.  We also worked on adapting this personal brand to a newly defined website, conducting surveys to understand their target market and developing avenues of networking and public speaking to increase their visibility and credibility.

Marco Cartolari

Marco came to Puris and Katy from a very successful former life as an international CEO. Marco’s passion and talent had always been music. Marco is a gifted writer and artist. Katy collaborated with Marco on discovering and defining his brand and purpose as an artist and then focusing on how to develop the music brand to reach Marco’s ideal audience.

Big result as said by Marco: “It’s been a really interesting experience. I had the chance to learn about the industry but mostly to start reflecting on who I am and what I really want, what I like and what I don’t, what am I good at, what are my strengths and weaknesses, how others perceive me, what do I have to contribute through my music etc.

Collaborating with Katy as my artist brand development expert started me on a path of self-discovery that hopefully will lead me to achieve something I can be proud of, in an area that I’m passionate about. As in any such instance, it hasn’t been easy. It’s requiring me to look at the mirror every day and take notice of the good and the bad things but mostly, I has helped me to be mindful of what I do, how I feel. So that my music can be more authentic, because it’s a real reflection of who I am, not of who ideally I would like to be. And this, hopefully, will help me connect better with my audience.

Collaborating with Katy has also helped to be more self-aware and deliberate in what I do and has given me a more focused purpose. Why did I write that song? What did it come from? What did I want to communicate? How I wanted to communicate? What was my end goal: make a record, do live music, write music and license it for movies or tv etc.? And then how to go about it?”

First, Know Yourself So You Know What To Market.