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Miranda Lambert, Musicians, Meghan Trainor and Weight Loss- What To Brand?


At the recent Country Music Awards (CMA), I saw a very entertaining, yet unusual occurrence. The show paired two very unlikely brands to sing the first song of the night.

Out on stage came Miranda Lambert, who is about 40 pounds lighter these days. That was just fine. However, she came out with Meghan Trainor who sings the hit song, “All About The Bass ”. What an odd duo vocally.

Not only was the duet an odd brand pairing vocally, but it was visually strange. Here they were singing about how they were bringing booty back and that size is irrelevant. Miranda Lambert was looking sleek and thin, obviously through effort and a desire for it, singing it doesn’t matter our size.

Yet, Miranda Lambert has been very verbally public with her weight loss and well, less of a booty these days. While Lambert has said she is happy any size and loves to eat fried chicken, she has also said she loves being inspired to look at/listen to Brittany Spears when working out.

I respect her verbal stand on the topic, but if I hadn’t read anything about her stance and just saw the performance, my perception would possibly be very skewed for the worse.

In brand development, I always point out the “2 C’s”: Clarity and Consistency. Clarity is all about knowing who you are as an artist and as a human. It would seem Miranda Lambert is clear that she prefers being a smaller size and that’s fine. Consistency is about communicating your same brand in the same manner every time to everyone. Without consistency, your audience gets confused, can’t track you, relate to you, be your biggest fan or follow you. Since branding is all subconscious processing of information, perhaps your fans won’t actually be thinking these exact thoughts, but they will be “feeling” something is off and uncomfortable for them- about you.

I remember when I first stopped practicing law, I had no clarity on who I was as a personal brand. Since I had decided to stop practicing law, I was so lost and confused. My identity as a “lawyer” had been stripped from me. I had no idea who I was, much less how to consistently show up as a brand. As the first step to my brand clarity, it took me really learning that I was NOT my career/profession in order to really be able to show up and gain a following.

So seeing Miranda Lambert up on stage singing a song about loving ourselves regardless of size when she had lost all that weight, was not true to her current visual brand, I would say. I think it is great that she has lost so much weight. Good for her. But you always have to watch what brand statement you are making with anything in your life, including weight loss. This is especially true when you are up on stage standing next to someone who has a current brand around a hit song stating verbally the opposite.

What does this mean for you? I realize both “C”s are hard to master. For starters, all you need to do is to be self-aware. Be self-aware of who you are and how you want that message to come across to others.

Remember, branding is subconscious perception. That means, you have to know it and believe it before we do. And yes, your visual brand matters just as much as the verbal brand message you give us. Always remember, we likely see you first before we hear from you, so you need consistent verbal and visual brand messages.

When is a good time to start working on my personal image so I can then work on translating it to my business image?


I get asked this question often enough, that I decided to write a blog post on it.  I often have business clients that want to make a change in their personal image so that they can work with me afterwards in having an effective business image that is in line with their personal image.

Often times, these clients have weight management concerns/considerations. They want to wait until they are at their ideal weight before we start working together on their personal image.

My response is always the same:  Working on your personal and business image is not an overnight process, just as working on our ideal weight is not an overnight process.  Even at our ideal weight, the scale “shifts” at least a pound or two here and there regularly. We are all human and there is no perfect weight/person. Self-confidence is measured from within us and not by what others see externally.

However, the process of working on your personal image will help you get to a comfortable and healthy weight.  One process does not come before the other. Rather, the two work hand in hand- you feel better about your personal and your business image improving, you also then feel better about your physical body and are spurred on to a healthy body image and weight.  It’s all about you doing something positive for yourself!

So please do NOT wait until you are at your ideal/target weight or place in life to work on your personal and business image. What if you are shooting at a moving target and never get to your target weight?  You don’t want to sit out on life and on having an effective image- you deserve an effective image, an image that will help you get to your ideal weight/life goal.  The proof is all my clients that have not waited it out, but have taken the plunge and emerged healthy, happy and satisfied.

Wishing You A Fabulous Image,


Why Do We Have So Much Old "Stuff" In Our Closet?


The reason we hold on to certain clothes we dislike is emotional and only serves to weigh us down in our daily lives.

Consider going through your closet not from a vanity/fashion perspective, but from a perspective of emotional baggage release.   Go through your clothes and figure out why you still have a garment if you:  1)never wear it and 2) don’t like it.

  • Does the garment remind you of a bad experience that you choose to just relive via keeping the garment?
  • Does the garment represent a former size for you?

If you are now smaller, ask yourself why are you insisting on hiding your body in clothes that are too large for you?

If you have gained weight, ask yourself why are you refusing to accept yourself for the great person you are- only heavier.

Now throw away old garments and lift years off yourself immediately!

Wishing you a fabulous image,


First, Know Yourself So You Know What To Market.