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What’s Your Super-Hero Power?

Growing up, I loved Wonder Woman! I thought she was so pretty and strong and she seemed really kind, too.  Fast forward, and at 45 years of age, I still love Wonder Woman.  I still think she’s pretty, strong and kind.  For me, it’s not a feminist “thing”. It was just the fact that I related to her based on gender and still do.  Or maybe that does make it a feminist thing?!?

These days we call it “strength”/natural talent instead of “super-here power”. I prefer the term, “super-hero power” because it is a lot more fun and allows us to get creative and use our imagination.

Everyone of us has our own super-hero power within us.  We just choose to not look inside to find it because it seems silly, perhaps.  However, the only way to stay relevant in this world is to figure out your power and use it to be of service in this world.  Otherwise, I can totally see how we can feel irrelevant and let it get us down.

So close your eyes and think to the one thing you do everyday that comes so naturally for you- it’s like breathing air or blinking.  What do others compliment you on most often?  Maybe that will help you come up with your power.  Another way to come up with your power is to consider what in this world amazes and fascinates you the most to the point you think about it often.  Bugs? Why it snows? Cooking?  Exercise? You get the picture.

Regardless of how you come up with your power, it’s there.  Most of my clients just can’t see this fact when we first start collaborating together.

Acknowledging our power then leads us to acknowledge that we can use this power to support others, be of service, serve our purpose and perhaps…if we really are brave….save the world- just like our favorite super-hero did. 

If this thought is really far-fetched to you, then consider you may be playing small and not choosing to see your own greatness.  Relax into it and give it a shot- you may surprise yourself by how much fun you are having and finding your purpose here.  Plus, I bet you’d look really great dressed up as your very own super-hero for Halloween. I did!

Personal Branding Case Study Sequel/Results: Adam Lambert


Dear Adam and Glamberts,adam2

I write this results “part deux” to the initial case study I did last week after the concert in San Diego.   I’ve never had a sequel to a case study.  But I found it was necessary after the responses and findings last week.

Thank you to the thousands and thousand of  Glamberts who read the case study.  Thanks to the many, many of you who commented. Your comments  schooled me on the fantastic world of Adam’s fans.  And yes, I now realize even thirteen-year old girls are aware of Adam’s sexual orientation and could care less!  Moreover, your comments  also gave critical personal branding insight into Adam’s current fan base.

In my line of work (I hate to call it “work” because, I much like you Adam, LOVE what I am blessed and fortunate to do for a living as it is natural for me, too) adjectives are so important.  So I took in all the Glamberts’ comments using adjectives for describing Adam’s personal brand.  Some key words included: “smart”, “gracious”, “open”, “happy”, “joyful”, “honest”, “expressed”, “funny”, “tolerant”, “gorgeous” and “innocent”.

The conclusion is that all these adjectives make for a very strong and wonderful personal brand for you, Adam.  Couple that with your fantastic voice and you should be golden with a very successful future of entertaining us for many years to come.

However, I also appreciated the many Glambert comments regarding the diverse fan base.    As several fans put it, there is a “marketing complexity/problem” involved here.   This fact shouldn’t take away from the fun and awe of seeing Adam in concert.   But, as an expert in this area,  it does concern me.

While all of us fans go to see Adam for his fabulous voice and presence, let’s not forget there’s an industry and business involved here guys.   Adam needs to make sure his fan base grows and records get cut, so that he can keep entertaining us with his fabulous voice and presence.

Given I’ve become such a fan as of late, it would be my pleasure to make sure someone with such fabulous personal branding adjectives touches even more fans and finds even more success.

I have the solutions to reach an even larger fan base.  Adam, call me (949-274-6423).

Treat Your Clients/Customers/Prospects Like You Treat Your Pet


When we work with clients on developing their natural talents as part of their personal brand, we see trends.  Personal branding is about the emotional quotient you trigger to get clients/prospects in action to get to know you and work with you.   The best emotion to trigger is joy.  We ask clients what daily activities bring about that sense of joy for themselves.  We ask for two reasons:  1)  so that they can do the activity over and over again for their own benefit AND 2) by doing this activity and having joy/happiness, you develop a strong personal brand and attract people who want to be around you, be like you and do business with you.

One common trend in responding to this question is that most clients really find being with their pets (ie, walking their dog, playing with their pets) brings them joy and peace. You should see the look on their faces as they describe the activities they love to do with their pets- their faces light up and they relax and have a sense of ease and grace about them.  Clients don’t often make the connection regarding what the joy they have with their pets has to do with their business and personal brand.

I also have a dog.  The sense of innocence and love and joy my dog has when I come home is indescribable.  Not only does she make my day, she resonates from a very genuine, pure and innocent state of being herself- no agenda, no plan of action, no thought for what’s to come. She is just being present to being with me and happy to see me.

So, what if you related to your clients and prospects from the same place you relate to your pets?  Now, please don’t take me too literally. I obviously don’t mean to treat people like animals.  But I do mean to view all clients and prospects as if they:

– have no agenda when they see you;

-are truly happy to see you, even if their actions don’t resonate this;

-have true intentions to be with you and give their best to you.

In return, relate to your clients like you do your pets, by:

– being completely present to them;

-not reading too much “meaning”  into their words and actions;

-accepting them as they are- the good, the bad and the ugly.  Just as you do with your pet.

So You Think You Want A New Career? What Is Your X-Factor?


I get so many people asking me about how I started my personal branding company after being a successful lawyer for so many years.  I’ve been told what draws people to me for work or just to  hear my story is the passion and zeal I have about what I do.  I own it and I’m confident that I’m really good at it.  I always tell the story about how I came to realize that personal branding and crafting a message based on clothing and attire are my natural talents.  It was one of those “aha” moments that slapped me on the head and kept slapping me until I stopped and listened and did something about it.  It was my X-Factor.  I have never looked back. In fact, I am also a much better lawyer for it.  In fact, as a result the business keeps growing and evolving in services.

We all have a natural talent.  You just have to find that talent and nurture it and USE IT!!  You need to stop and think:  what is it that you do everyday of your life that comes so naturally to you that you don’t even think of it as a skill, much less a marketable skill-set. Once you do this, you will live longer, be happier, make others happy with your natural talent AND you have the potential to make a fabulous living if you choose to turn your natural talent into a business.

Let’s stop and look at what society is doing to promote such natural talent. For instance, Simon Cowell has launched his new show, The X Factor.  Here he’s looking for the next big singing talent and the prizes are astounding.   Singing is a natural talent- you either have it or you don’t.   The entertainment industry knows this and wants you to do that at which you are naturally good.  They make money and so do you.

Clients often say to me they want to start a new business and/or career, but they are not sure what to do. I always tell them that first we need to identify their natural talent, build a personal brand around it and then the business model and plan will come to clarity.  This process rarely fails because it is genuine and exciting and real.

So if you are not sure what you want to be when you ‘grow up’, stop and discover what is your natural talent.  What is that special something you do so much better than the rest of us that we would pay money to get you to do for us?  Then the business will come.  You can also audition for the X-Factor as it makes it way around the country starting this month.

Go for it- what do you have to lose!?

First, Know Yourself So You Know What To Market.