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Best Way To Position Your Personal Brand To Give Excellent Customer Service


phonepicI have had an ongoing challenge about some blood work I had done last March.  Long story short, somewhere along the way my blood work got “coded” incorrectly.  If I told you what kind of a coding error they (Labcorp? Cigna? My doctor?) made, you would laugh.  Let’s just say it would be like coding a male lab work for infertility testing when he was checking his prostate.  Pretty funny, right?

As a result, Cigna would not pay for my routine lab work.  So it sat on the Labcorp books and now Labcorp is threatening collections.  I worked on the issue diligently each month, appealing it, noting all my calls and the dialogue and the times/dates.  Nothing worked. No one anywhere was willing to step back and see the lunacy around the mis-coding.  Health care at its worst. Here we are over a year later.

So finally last week I called Cigna….AGAIN!  This time I hit the abundance jackpot.  A customer service rep name Brandon T answered.  He was surprised that this issue was still lingering.  He stayed on the phone with me, acknowledged my frustration, comforted me and assured me he would take care of this. He offered assistance that no one had ever done:  he offered to call Labcorp and conference me in and get to the bottom of the issue.  Really?!  “We can do that?”, I said to him.

Then he said something that shocked me and restored my faith in the healthcare industry.  Brandon said he always goes to bat for customers the way he would for his mother or grandmother.  He said, “how would I want them treated and how much effort would I put in for them?”

I was stunned.  I was elated. I had tears in my eyes.  Since that day, Brandon T has lived up to his promise thus far. We were on the phone with Labcorp for 45 minutes the other day. Is the problem solved?  Of course not…..yet.  However, I feel heard and appreciated.  Beyond me, Brandon (and Cigna) has a brand that shines.  Brandon doesn’t treat his position at Cigna as “just a job”, but a calling. He is serving a purpose everyday and he does so beautifully. Brandon has a personal brand that is stellar. Cigna is lucky to have him.

So what does this mean for you?  Stop and think:

–  Do you treat your work as “just a job” or is it more than that?

–  What is your mentality when you provide a service to customers and clients?  Are they another number to you, another call to deal with, or are they more?

– How can you change your mentality around helping customers/clients (or even others in your personal life) to reflect a personal brand you’d be proud to own?  Every interaction is your opportunity to be of service. It all depends on how you chose to view it.

Djokovic Won Wimbledon But Did His Brand Win, Too?


I’m a huge tennis fan. I used to play.  When I stopped playing, together my father and I watched Wimbledon, the French Open and the US Open.

Djokovic beat out Federer in a fantastic match yesterday to win Wimbledon.  Both were fantastic athletes and both handled the win and loss very well on camera.  The on-camera interviews went really well- right in the middle of Center Court.  

While Djokovic is very likable and spoke eloquently and with emotion when interviewed, I do wonder if Djokovic could have spoken a bit more smartly.  I’m a big advocate of being genuine and speaking from the heart.  Djokovic at some point in the interview said something to the point that Wimbledon is his favorite tournament and that he loves it there best.  It was certainly genuine and sincere. However, I winced.  The first and only thought I had was what about the other tournaments- US Open, French Open, etc!?  Is he not planning on ever playing anywhere else in the four Grand Slams?  

In order to keep the “love” flowing to the fact that he is a man all about tennis and to develop the brand that does not alienate other tournaments and fans, Djokovic could have worded his feelings and statement a bit differently and still been genuine. Perhaps he could have kept his comments to something like, “winning Wimbledon means so much to me” or “I love being at Wimbledon”.  Same effect, just as genuine, less alienating of the other Grand Slams and fans.  

Just some thoughts on brand development of a great athlete.  Not the end of the world or the brand and certainly doesn’t take anything away from the beauty of the match.  My point is to make sure the fans recognize the athlete’s contribution and love of the sport in general, not just one venue.  That’s what keeps a great brand (and endorsement deals?) thriving.

How Entertaining Are You?


Have you ever stopped to think of yourself as an entertainer of sorts for your clients/patients/prospects?  A client of mine mentioned the other day that as the CEO of her company, she likes to look at her job as one of entertaining her clients while she does her “craft”.  I really liked that viewpoint and positioning.

As I stopped to reflect on her comment, I realized that I entertain my clients and prospects all the time.  Because I love what I do and am grateful on a daily basis to run my company, I bring that same level of joy and fun to my job and clientele.  I consider it an honor to be part of their lives.  After all, people have a choice in how they spend their valuable time and money.

So my question to you is:  do you entertain your clients/patients/prospects as you “perform” your craft?  I’m obviously not talking about entertaining in the sense of doing magic tricks for them or singing to them.   However, are you able to captivate your audience with your memorability and credibility? 

This would require you stepping out of your analytical “left-brained” mentality and looking at your business function from a “right-brained” and more creative way.   You’ll find if you really enjoy what you do on a daily basis, you can’t help but be entertained and thus, entertain your clients.  This is also the easiest way to get referrals and repeat business.

If you are unsure if you entertain your clients well or enjoy your work, send us an email so we can help you think through the question.

Right & Left Brained Behavior and Our Image


Our behavior is key to our effective image.  Part of our behavior is understanding how we tend to communicate information to clients and how they process and receive this information.  This is where the difference between left and right-brained people comes into play.

Left brain qualities include linear thinking, discipline, punctuality and organization.  Right brain qualities include creativity, visual-orientation toward life and less credence on formal time concepts.  So you would be much better off drawing a picture for a right-brained client than talking them through a concept, your services, etc.  They would “get” you much better in this way.

Both right and left brained qualities are very important for a successful image. Having a sense of balance between your left and right brain means you communicate and process information well.  As left-brained people, it is smart to do things with purpose and not waste time in the process. When we balance logical intelligence with right brain qualities such as creativity, feelings, perceptions and colors, we are using a whole-person approach and are more wise for it.

The best leaders, successful people with the most effective image, are those who use creativity and heart (right-brained) in making their logical decisions (left-brained).

Such success is not just quantified in material wealth/terms, but in tandem with abstract values such as joy, love, peace and fulfillment.

So try to figure out how you process information/behave most naturally: from a right or a left-brained perspective.  I have a quiz that I give my clients so we can determine their tendency quickly.  Then, seek to achieve balance between your left and right brain.  This balance will help you understand yourself and your clients and how you should be behaving/relating to them.  Thus, this gives you an effective and winning image.

Wishing You A Fabulous Image,


First, Know Yourself So You Know What To Market.