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Variety Is The Spice Of Life- And Your Brand!


So we finally got some real rain here in Southern California over the weekend.  I mean rain that soaked everything and caused flash flooding.  Yay, I say!

We don’t get rain very often in San Diego.   We’ve had a drought advisory for a long time.  Grass was no longer green, but brown dirt.  I mean 24/7 sunshine is great, but it brings about its own set of issues.

So why do you figure that when we finally got rain over the weekend, the response was not absolute joy from everyone?! Don’t get me wrong- there were lots of grateful and happy people like me.  However, I interacted and saw lots of people who were less than happy.  They were grumbling about getting wet, having their weekend activities ruined, etc. Some of them were talking about the unfairness of it all.  The unfairness of rain- really?

As we’ve all heard, variety is the spice of life.  Without variety and change, things get stagnate.  So what does rain and variety have to do with your brand? Good question.

Climate can say a lot about the residents that live there.  I grew up in Indiana, lived in Washington DC for many years and now live in San Diego. I travel a lot. Over time I started to notice that those people living in four season climates were generally very different than those living in tropical climates.

I remember growing up in Indiana how much fun the change in seasons brought for me.  We used to gear up for Fall- raking leaves, bobbing for apples, getting our costumes ready.  We used to rejoice as Spring arrived.  We really looked forward to the warmth and sunshine and appreciated the Summer heat and fun.  We prepped for winter by sealing the deck and driveways and getting the car “winterized”.  We got our sweaters out and got our sleds out of the garage.

I’ve discovered people living in four season climates are usually more adaptable and resilient in life. They tend to go with the flow and are more “prepared” for life, shall we say.  I believe it has to do with the fact that the change in seasons brings about the mentality of change.  Change is about variety and requires us to adapt and grow and stretch ourselves.

In brand development, the goal is to be a creative thought leader that people remember and are emotionally attracted to. Creative thought-leadership comes about when we access our right-brain more often.  If you don’t like variety and change, then odds are you are not using your creative mind as much as you could be.  Odds are you are using your left- brain more.  This leaves you linear and analytical, but not as creative and dynamic and memorable.  People tend to remember your brand much better if you are dynamic, flexible, and creative.

So what does this mean for you? Stop and consider:

– Do you live in a climate that promotes change and variety? If not, stay extra vigilant in exercising your creative side. Try painting, writing poetry or fiction, or singing.

– Where in your life are you stagnating and not open to change or growth?  What’s one simple change you can make to today?

What’s It Gonna Be in 2014?!


I always ask the same question in January. So here it goes again- just in case you’ll read and apply it this year.

What do you want to be known for in 2014?

Without an intentional plan and goal about how you want to be seen and perceived this year, you’ll find it a hard road to your hopes, dreams, and ideal personal brand this year. Anytime you put intention and energy behind something, you set yourself up for a solid outcome and success.

So stop and think to yourself:

– What is your passion?

– What makes you happy? Note, this isn’t an item or “thing”.

– What is your BEING? Note, this has nothing to do with your job and career. Your job and career is simply a way you choose to express your being.

– How will you share your gifts and passion and purpose with integrity to the world this year?

If you are having trouble finding answers, stop. Go outside in nature, find a quiet spot, sit in silence for a while.  You can also trigger your right-brain creativity by sitting somewhere in ambient noise.

Right & Left Brained Behavior and Our Image


Our behavior is key to our effective image.  Part of our behavior is understanding how we tend to communicate information to clients and how they process and receive this information.  This is where the difference between left and right-brained people comes into play.

Left brain qualities include linear thinking, discipline, punctuality and organization.  Right brain qualities include creativity, visual-orientation toward life and less credence on formal time concepts.  So you would be much better off drawing a picture for a right-brained client than talking them through a concept, your services, etc.  They would “get” you much better in this way.

Both right and left brained qualities are very important for a successful image. Having a sense of balance between your left and right brain means you communicate and process information well.  As left-brained people, it is smart to do things with purpose and not waste time in the process. When we balance logical intelligence with right brain qualities such as creativity, feelings, perceptions and colors, we are using a whole-person approach and are more wise for it.

The best leaders, successful people with the most effective image, are those who use creativity and heart (right-brained) in making their logical decisions (left-brained).

Such success is not just quantified in material wealth/terms, but in tandem with abstract values such as joy, love, peace and fulfillment.

So try to figure out how you process information/behave most naturally: from a right or a left-brained perspective.  I have a quiz that I give my clients so we can determine their tendency quickly.  Then, seek to achieve balance between your left and right brain.  This balance will help you understand yourself and your clients and how you should be behaving/relating to them.  Thus, this gives you an effective and winning image.

Wishing You A Fabulous Image,


First, Know Yourself So You Know What To Market.