Speaking Engagements

Katy delivers engaging, information-packed, clear, yet personal and fun branding seminars, lectures, workshops and keynote speeches to educate and entertain audiences of various sizes and backgrounds nationally and internationally.

Topics Katy Addresses For Various Audiences:

  • Building A Values- Driven Business Brand Culture- Harness Employees
  • General personal branding introductory talk
  • Millennial issues impacting the personal and business brand
  • Implicit bias and the personal brand
  • Gender distinctions and the personal brand
  • Conflict management to maintain a diverse workforce to keep the personal and business brands clear, consistent and compliant.
  • Leadership Development via an effective personal brand
  • Time, Stress and personal brand management
  • Developing Resiliency In Your Brand
  • It’s All Mental: Positive Psychology & Mastering Change

Click HERE to see a clip from one of Katy’s recent workshops.

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Upcoming Events:


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Other Upcoming Events

2017 First Quarter

• January 13- Personal Branding Bootcamp STARTS!, San Diego, CA

• January 18- Emotional Resonance Workshop for Musicians/Artists, Austin, TX

• January 19- Personal Branding Bootcamp , Bowling Green, KY

• January 25- Mitchell International Legal Department Retreat, San Diego, CA

• March 17- ABA TechShow Panel, Chicago, IL

2017  Second Quarter

• June 14- CFO Leadership Council Personal Branding Panel, San Diego, CA

• June 20- Marketing Radio Interview

• June 22- ABA Marketing Conference Panel, Boston, MA

2017 Third Quarter

• July 8- Personal Branding Bootcamp Immersion Style STARTS!, San Diego, CA

• July 14- ABA Career Center Webinar: Building Brand Culture.

• August 4- Building Culture Workshop, Carlsbad, CA


2016 First Quarter

• January 22- Personal Branding Bootcamp STARTS!, San Diego, CA

•  February 4- ABA GP Solo Section Women’s Law Caucus Inaugural Meeting Speaker, San Diego, CA

• February 16- Emotional Resonance Factor Lunch and Learn, Austin, Texas

• February 18- AFWA Student Outreach Personal Branding for Job Success, San Diego, CA

• February 26- Emotional Resonance Factor Workshop and Networking Event, Pirch Headquarters, San Diego, CA

• February 28- Iranian-American Women’s Foundation Annual Leadership Conference, San Diego, CA

• March 15- Emotional Resonance Factor Lunch and Learn, Austin, Texas

• March 18- Northwestern Mutual Life team training, Appleton, WI

• March 23- English, Lucas, Priest & Owsley, LLP, Bowling Green, KY

• March 24- University of Kentucky Bankruptcy Lawyers CLE Program, Lexington, KY

Second Quarter

• April 14- PLNU Women in Work Event, San Diego, CA

• April 19- Personal Branding Bootcamp STARTS!, Austin, Texas

• April 29- Military Spouses Ms JD Branding Webinar

• April 30- San Diego County Bar Foundation Retreat, San Diego, CA

• June 2- MCLE 6th Annual Super Marketing Conference, Boston, MA

• June 10- Personal Branding Bootcamp STARTS!, San Diego, CA

Fourth Quarter

• October 7- ABA Law Practice Division Branding CLE, New Orleans, LA

• November 21- Executive Women in Texas Government (EWTG) 30th Annual Professional Development Conference, Austin, TX

2015 First Quarter

• January 1-14- Being A Leader Conference, Dubai, UAE

• January 26- Bootcamp in Seattle, WA

• January 28- Girls Inc. Women’s Speakers Series, San Diego, CA

• February 16- Emotional Resonance Factor ™ Webinar

• February 27- Indiana University Law School and Alumni Speakers Series, Indianapolis, IN

• March 13- Personal Branding Bootcamp STARTS!, San Diego, CA

Second Quarter

• April 13- Mitchell International Legal Retreat, San Diego, CA

• April 27-29- Austin, Texas

• May 6- International Trademark Association Annual Conference Women’s Power Breakfast, San Diego, CA

• June 5- ABA Law Practice Conference, Ethics CLE, Orlando, Florida

• June 14-17- MDRT Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana

• June 23-25- Austin, Texas

Third Quarter

• August 15- Garcia, Hernandes, Sawhney & Bermudez, Legal Retreat, San Diego, CA

Fourth Quarter

• October 2- ABA Women In Dispute Resolution Branding Webinar

• October 9- Personal Branding Bootcamp STARTS, San Diego!

• October 22- “Ask the Experts Legal Marketing” program- ABA Law Practice Division Fall Meeting, Greenville, SC

• October 23- ABA Lead Law Conference, Greenville, SC

2014 First Quarter

• January 10- Provisors, Orange County, CA

•  January 21- Mother Attorneys Mentoring Association, Seattle, WA

• February 6-7- ABA Law Practice Meeting, Chicago, IL

• February 12- ABA Law Practice Division MCLE, “Ethics and Personal Branding: The Dos and Don’ts in Effectively Standing Out”, Webinar Series. Ethics credit has been requested.

• February 28- Kaiser Permanent, San Diego, CA

•  March 6- Provisors, Orange County, CA

•  March 11- Lawyers Club Professional Advancement Committee, San Diego, CA

•  March 20-21- Duane Morris, LLP Women’s Initiative Workshop, Philadelphia, PA

•  March 22- Leadership Council on Legal Diversity Conference, Dallas, TX

Second Quarter

• April 29- The Canadian Institute, Women Lawyers Seminar, Montreal, Canada

• May 1-2- ABA Law Practice Meeting, St. Louis, MO

• May 5 & May 7- The Honor Foundation; Special Operations Forces Training, La Jolla, CA

• May 9- Provisors, Orange County, CA

• May 21- NAWBO BRAVO! Awards, Emcee, San Diego, CA

• June 10, June 18- San Diego Fire Chiefs Administrative Section, San Diego, CA

Third Quarter

• July 24- Burns & McDonnell, Brea, CA

• July 28- Personal Branding Bootcamp STARTS!, Seattle, WA

• September 16-San Diego Fire Chiefs, San Diego, CA

• September18- Austin Music Industry Branding Webinar

• September20- Consumer Attorneys of San Diego 2014 Women Trial Lawyers Retreat, Indian Wells, CA

• September22- Bootcamp in Seattle, WA

• September 30- Austin Legal and Financial Adviser Branding Webinar

Fourth Quarter

• October 17- Personal Branding Bootcamp STARTS, San Diego!

• October 27- Bootcamp in Seattle, WA

• November 7- ABA Law Practice Division Women Rainmakers Workshop, San Diego, CA

• November 13- North Carolina Bar Association Branding Webinar

• November 17- GOG luncheon speaker, Old Town, San Diego, CA

• November 24- Bootcamp in Seattle, WA

• December 13- Abelson Herron Halpern LLP firm event, Coronado, CA

• December 22- Bootcamp in Seattle, WA


Top 7 Reasons To Hire Katy:

  1. She not only brings personal and business branding expertise, but she brings passion.
  2. She is the branding and marketing expert.
  3. You get a lawyer and marketing/branding expert all in one.
  4. She has experience with many industries, including an insider’s perspective- she “gets” the people and the process.
  5. She guarantees your audience will benefit from her talk or else it is free.
  6. She inspires, entertains and educates each and every audience.
  7. Each talk is tailored to the audience guaranteeing freshness and authenticity.

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