Explore Your Personal Brand And How To Transition To A New Career

You have devoted your time and life to serving your country. For that we thank you. Now what about you? Are you ready to leave your military career and find a new career?


In the military, people are taught to execute as a group and that to win is to have the entire group, or operation, succeed. While this wisdom works well in the military, it doesn’t always translate into a new career post-military.

In the corporate world these days, you have to stand out as a unique individual, not as part of a tactical team.  Your uniqueness gets you noticed. Your uniqueness gets you hired.  This shift in mentality does not come naturally for our military elite, given the years of training you may have had otherwise.

Katy’s vast experience, including her work with The Honor Foundation ( training elite military service employees, have her at the cutting edge of understanding your specific personal branding needs. Come explore your personal brand and how to transition to a new career.

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First, Know Yourself So You Know What To Market.