Need some strategies for entertaining six to twelve people for anywhere from one to forty days?

Did you know that 60% of all national jury pools are Generation Y (those born between 1982-1995) or Generation X (those born between 1965-1981)?

Did you know that there are multiple learning methodologies including visual and auditory?

Did you know that many cases are lost on the basis of jury’s reaction to the defendant’s demeanor and visual brand, including their gestures, presence and appearance?

Got a plan to entertain, fascinate and keep your jury’s attention? Let us help you and your client have a clear brand message so you win the case on the merits and don’t lose it for any other reason.

Whether you are a partner, associate, in-house counsel or any other type of attorney, you know how much our industry is governed by first impressions. Statistics confirm that in only 7 to 30 seconds , you either have a shot at getting that new client, getting that great job or getting left behind.

Katy has been on both sides of the table- as an attorney at a law firm and as in-house counsel. Thus, she know the issues and challenges we face as attorneys in getting and keeping clients.

Associate Training

Katy has been an associate and remember the days well!! Nothing is worse than time and money spent on associates who stay a short time and then leave for greener pastures. Associates are the future of any firm and helping them develop early on is key to not only their growth, but your firms’ success.
Are your associates living up to their true potential? Are they producing the results your firm needs at an efficient pace? Are associates burning out?
In this seminar we focus on teaching associates to be productive, pro-active and still maintain a balanced life-style so as to avoid burn-out and stay on track for partnership. Together we work on polishing their skills regarding client interaction and personal brand to be appropriate for law firm lifestyle.

In-House Counsel Training

Katy has worked as in-house counsel to a large company. Being in-house counsel has its own challenges because now you are the “cost center” and no longer the rainmaker.  We are familiar with the obstacles faced by in-house counsel regarding integrating with other attorneys and finding workplace harmony with other departments.
We come in to your corporation and work with your attorneys to define their personal brand and interactive skills with everyone from the CEO to support staff to the marketing folks.

Support Staff Training

The bottom line is that clients’ first impression of your legal business is often times based on their interaction with your staff- on the phone and in person. Often times support staff do not receive the focused attention they need. Support staff need to feel good about their job and their achievements. They also need to own the part of being an integral component of any legal workplace.
In this seminar, we work with your support staff on taking pride in their employer. Through a series of exercises, we make sure they understand what is their personal brand and how it comes together with the company business brand in the workplace. We also work on boosting morale and being results-oriented and a team player.

Partners Only

Are you representing the firm in a manner most conducive to increasing your productivity and revenues? Is your firm commended in the local and national community as being well-rounded and a community participant? How are you interacting with your staff and associates?
We collaborate with you individually to define the personal brand you want to project as an attorney and then tailor your brand to meet your firm goal.

Outsourced Marketing: Small to medium-sized law firms do not have the resources to have a comprehensive and full-service marketing department. The good news is there is no need for one! Puris takes the marketing pressure and burden off your law firm. We come in as independent contractors and can either do the marketing and brand/business development for you OR train your current employees how to do so.

Cost Savings—hiring us as an independent contractor saves your firm much money in terms of employee benefits, potential labor issues, etc.

Benefits to your firm:

  • Creative marketing and branding expertise from someone who is well-versed in your industry and culture.
  • Expertise from a lawyer—not only does Katy know the marketing and branding components, but she knows the law and legal practices and law firm culture.
  • Contacts throughout the legal industry, ranging from regulatory, at the state and federal levels, to legal and marketing and PR.
  • Expertise in communication and training of law firm employees regarding marketing and branding of the people and the products.
  • Expertise communicating with management and boards of directors regarding legal and marketing/branding issues.
  • No long-term engagement required, so that parting of the ways is not an human resource issue.

First, Know Yourself So You Know What To Market.