Financial Services Organizations

Got a plan to stand out from other investment advisers?

Whether you are a solo investment adviser or part of an investment advisory firm, your service offerings must be branded effectively to resonate your personal brand and your business brand. Now more than ever the concept of a “team brand” is critical and a MUST in generating recall and to make your prospects remember you and want to hire you!
We offer services to develop each team member’s personal brands and then transfer those personal brands into a cohesive and profitable team brand.


  • Development of individual personal brands for each team member
  • Development of the team brand
  • Development of the content and brand of the team website, as applicable
  • Development of the content and brand of the team brochure/marketing concepts, as applicable.

Benefits to your firm:

  • Expertise from a compliance lawyer and former adviser regulator- not only does Katy know branding and marketing, she knows the law that regulates your industry and content.
  • Creative marketing and branding expertise from someone who is well-versed in your industry and culture.

First, Know Yourself So You Know What To Market.