Are You A Musician or Singer Looking to Develop or Evolve A Brand Identity For Yourself and Your Group?

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Are You An Established Artist/Singer With A Fan Base That Is Either Out of Control OR Not In Line With Your Brand Identity?

Want to Stress Less About the “business” end of your music so you have more time to create music?

Want to get more bookings and fans?

Katy collaborates with artists and entertainers who are committed to making sure they touch the world and leave a positive impression, message and personal brand with their voice and song. If you want to align your musical talents with a strong intentional personal brand that gets you results and fans, please contact us to start the journey together!

What Others Say About Our Work:

marco“Working with Katy has been a thrilling journey of self-discovery which has given me clarity about my goals and unique strengths and how to put them to use in a concrete and practical way.

As corporate survivor, who was exploring ways of entering the world of music, I found in Katy somebody that understood where I was coming from and was able to guide me through the ins and outs of a completely new industry, while providing practical help accessing the resources I needed – whether they were producers, recording studios or entertainment attorneys.

As an artist, Katy help me to overcome my natural reserve and tap into my emotions to establish a deeper connection with an audience. Heartfelt thanks, Katy!”
– Marco Cartolari, recording artist. www.marcocartolari.com

Charles Bateh“Katy Goshtasbi’s understanding of band branding and marketing is exemplar. Katy helped one of my client bands realize their success by enabling their fans to relate to them. Through Katy’s passion and knowledge to help and support bands, our fan base, bookings and overall popularity consistently increases.”
– Charles Bateh, CEO CGB Platinum

Listen to Audio Excerpts from one of Katy’s talks to Musicians:

http://ds1.downloadtech.net/cn1086/audio/103810366131617-003.mp3– target market, reality of fans

http://ds1.downloadtech.net/cn1086/audio/103810366131617-002.mp3– competition, goal of branding for artists

First, Know Yourself So You Know What To Market.