At the heart of our personal branding work is understanding and beginning with the individual in each and every setting, whether you are a corporate employee, a business owner or an individual. We work on you developing a confident presence to project your personal brand successfully.

Our process begins with an assessment of a series of detailed questions and discussions targeted at exploring and identifying your current sense of self and personal brand. In other words, how do you show up to the world now and what is being said behind your back! This lets us identify what is and isn’t working for you.

We then work with you or your staff/company to define how you want to express who you are to the outside world based on what your goals are, whether personal or professional. We work together to achieve a new attitude based on your new sense of self and personal brand and polish it all off by refining your visual and interaction skills based on your goals. Then, we work on translating your new personal brand to your business brand in order to increase revenues, productivity and morale.  Only then can we work on developing the business brand and positioning the business brand for success and growth.

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personal branding packages

Various packages are available depending on your personal branding needs. The package vary to cover areas such as:


  • Development of Unique Selling Propositions and Personal Connection Stories
  • Natural Talent Analysis and Development
  • Visual brand congruency refinements, including wardrobing
  • Developing how to gauge what your clientele and prospects need from your personal brand via surveys, etc.


  • Public presentation/speaking development
  • Networking skills development
  • Interview skills, effective resumes and strategies for having a personal brand to get that new job
  • Left and Right Brained Behavior Assessment
  • Litigation image/presence consulting


Whether your business is large or small with one or many employees, personal branding is always an issue. We collaborate with your business to address the overall branding needs and goals that lead to your business brand success.  This review often includes:

  • Executive Personal Branding/Presence Development and Training. This personal brand is then applied to the business side to refine the business brand and message.
  • Corporate seminars and retreat presentations
  • Development of Community Service Platforms
  • Development and alignment of the business brand with the personal brands of the employees.

Outsourced Marketing & Business Development For Your Business

Small to medium-sized companies do not always have the resources to have a comprehensive and full-service marketing and business development department. The good news is there is no need for one! Puris takes the pressure and burden off your business and staff. We come in as independent contractors and can either do the marketing and brand/business development for you OR train your current employees how to do so.
Cost Savings—hiring us as an independent contractor saves your firm much money in terms of employee benefits, potential labor issues, etc.

Benefits to your firm:

  • Creative marketing and branding expertise from someone who is well-versed in your industry and culture.
  • Expertise from a lawyer—not only does Katy know the marketing and branding components, but she knows the law.
  • Expertise in communication and training of law firm employees regarding marketing and branding of the people and the products.
  • Expertise communicating with management and boards of directors.
  • No long-term engagement required, so that parting of the ways is not an human resource issue.

First, Know Yourself So You Know What To Market.