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Why Does Community Service Matter So Much To Our Image?


A large part of my work with corporations involves developing community service platforms.  These plans come about after I have studied my corporate client and tailored the community service to suit the corporate image and personality.

By why does it really matter? Can’t we just slap our corporate logo on a fundraiser race t-shirt and be done with community service? 

Well, I suppose a corporation could do just that- and plenty have in the past and continue to do so.  However, the question becomes what is optimal and genuine community service all about?

The answer in my opinion is helping others without the expectation of anything back but a good feeling is the hallmark of why we should all do community service.  I know you may think it cheesy, but feeling good is the best reason to help others. 

How does this work with generating quality business and growing our companies?  Well, your community service items should be absolutely a reflection of your staff and their personalities, likes and dis-likes.  This is what makes the networking and relationship-building by-product of doing the community service so effective. 

We all put our hearts genuinely into activities about which we feel a desire and enjoyment.  For example, if your employees enjoy hiking, find a community service activity with the state forest service.

Thus, doing the community service is that much more effective (and fun!).  This means our relationships with other volunteers and other potential business partners is that much stronger and more effective, too.

What will be the inevitable result is that people will begin associating your company (and the fabulous employees who genuinely give their time and effort to a good cause) with that of a corporation who does GENUINE charitable work to help others. Potential customers will be drawn to your company.

The key of course, as I always say with any image tip, is that you have to be genuine and mean it.

Try it on for size and let me know if you have any questions.

Wishing you a fabulous image,



Whose Image Matters?


I’ve had several people say to me after hearing me speak that they, “wish they could have my image”.  While this statement is very flattering (thank you!), I get a bit dismayed when I hear it. 

The point is you can only have one true image- and that is your own.  In order to be effective, it must be genuine.  What does “effective” mean here? 

Well, if you are seeking to increase your business, then an effective image means people are attracted to your genuine image and first impressions are favorable and they remember you and in turn, choose to do business with you (or at least listen to what you have to say). 

If you are seeking to enhance your personal life, an effective image would mean that you attract and engage people socially because you are genuine and people ultimately want to be around the “real thing”, especially in this age where we tend to be a bit jaded and skeptical (ie, what do you want to sell me now?).

The bottom line is that with an effective image you look good, feel good, have high self-confidence and go out into the world and make a genuine difference!

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