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How Is Your Image Impacted By Your Negotiation Skills?


I was in a discussion this afternoon with an executive looking to engage me as a speaker for their organization.  One of my clients who had brought us together, was in the room watching my “negotiation”/conversation with the executive.

At one point the executive asked me if I would speak on a complimentary basis.  To this inquiry, I politely replied “no” and went on to give an explanation as to why.

After the executive had left the room, my client remarked that it was very intriguing to her to watch the shift in the executive’s attitude towards me after I had stated that I would NOT speak complimentary.

Very interestingly and as to be expected, my client rightly noted that the executive seemed to have more respect for me and suddenly found better/more opportunities for me to address the organization.

My client often suffers from doing too much for her own clients without expecting to be compensated monetarily.  Watching our interaction taught her much.

As I explained to her- working for free, or for a fee that is beneath your value, robs you of your positive image with colleagues and clients.  Not only do you do the work begrudgingly and with resentment that builds up over time, but your clients do not value your work and believe that you are desperate.  As a by-product, they may start cancelling or rescheduling your appointments for this very reason.

In contrast, charging the market value for your services imparts an image of success and value to your clients.  In addition, you will feel your self-worth and value increase AND as a direct result, your work product and quality will improve.

So next time you feel like you HAVE to work for free or give a deep discount, step back and re-evaluate the situation from your image perspective.  Remember that you and your business image are valuable and that you and your clients deserve better- in fact you and your clients deserve the very best!

Wishing you a fabulous image,



Why Do We Have So Much Old "Stuff" In Our Closet?


The reason we hold on to certain clothes we dislike is emotional and only serves to weigh us down in our daily lives.

Consider going through your closet not from a vanity/fashion perspective, but from a perspective of emotional baggage release.   Go through your clothes and figure out why you still have a garment if you:  1)never wear it and 2) don’t like it.

  • Does the garment remind you of a bad experience that you choose to just relive via keeping the garment?
  • Does the garment represent a former size for you?

If you are now smaller, ask yourself why are you insisting on hiding your body in clothes that are too large for you?

If you have gained weight, ask yourself why are you refusing to accept yourself for the great person you are- only heavier.

Now throw away old garments and lift years off yourself immediately!

Wishing you a fabulous image,


Imitation is the Best Form of Flattery For Our Image?


Recently I had an experience where two business people picked up and ran with an aspect of my business!  One did it up on stage and looked at me as it happened and the other one often re-adjusts their business plan based on what I am doing.

So is this good or bad?!  Well, I suppose it happens to all of us often if we stop and take notice, depending on the size and platform of your business.  After all, people and businesses grow by trial and error – a smart business person learns from the successes (and failures) of others.  Why re-create the wheel, right? 

I guess the one thing to watch out for is that as you are adapting your business based on someone else’s business model, remember that what works for someone else may not work for you.  In other words, don’t be out to take up someone else’s image- I’ve said it a thousand times and I’ll say it again:  this method does NOT work!!  Your business image needs to be genuine and based on YOU and only you.

It may also be nice to point out to the person from whom you are “borrowing” ideas that you “loved X idea so much that I am adapting it for my own business”.  This leaves you in the best light (and image) with others- honesty is the best policy.  

As for me, anytime someone emulates me I try (I’m human, right?) to be flattered.  It means my image is memorable and successful and is worth recreating.  I don’t get flustered or fearful because:  1) there is only one me, thus no one else can run this business like I do and provide the type of service I do because no other person on earth has EXACTLY my personality or background or passion or mission in life; and, 2) emulation of this sort means my image is effective- in fact so effective that others are using it as the basis for theirs’. 

Try that one on for size next time you feel competitive.  And remember, there has to be others in my line of business because my company and I can’t possibly service everyone!

Wishing you a fabulous image,



Are You Memorable?


In a world where these days it seems there are thousands of other people who are running a similar business to yours, being memorable and standing out is KEY.

I always tell my clients- the key to an effective and genuine image is to be memorable in the minds of everyone you come across.

What does being memorable mean?

I often get comments from people I run into that they remember me because: “When I saw you speak you were wearing that X colored top” or “I remember your hair” or “You were so self-assured and confident”.

What this means to me is that I was memorable to them and stood out for them.  How this affects my business and image is:

– Next time they need someone who provides my services, they will be more likely to think of me or refer me as I will be in the forefront of their minds; and/or,

-When I run into these folks, we have a natural conversation starter because I already have a good image in their minds.  Consequently, the odds are high that they will stop to chat longer and we can interact and possibly start forming a long-term relationship.  I can learn about them, their needs and interest.

So I always tell clients to wear something that will stand out of the crowd in a meeting or at a networking event. It can be a shirt color that is a little different in color or style than everyone elses’, it can be a pair of red or animal print shoes, it can be a great necklace or earrings (I call these conversation jewelry) or it can be a bright necktie or scarf or bag.  All that matters is that your item catches someone’s eye, draws them to you because of the warmth and energy it gives off and leads to a meaningful interaction with that person.

So go out there and find a way to be memorable (not notorious, please!) and create that positive image in peoples’ minds.

Wishing you a fabulous image,



My Own Show To Help Others


If you like what I have to say and would like to see me help the most amount of people, click on the link below and go vote for my own show. 


I had a lot of encouragement from folks and have always been told I need my own show so I can reach the masses.  My goal is to have a show that teaches people skills and traits needed to go out there and find a job and be a contributing member of society and feel good. 

I would teach them (and the folks at home) about the importance of an impactful and genuine image and then also teach them interview/job search skills.

I kept the video short and simple and got my point across.


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