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Top 3 Values of Effective Brands

When I was in private practice, I never paid much attention to values. I had no time. I do remember we used to talk about our mission and vision for the law firm. We even had a mission statement. After that, nothing really happened. It was a hollow experience.

What does branding have to do with values? Brand development is all about the people. We work with individuals by looking on the inside first. Looking inward is all about discovering individual values. Once you are clear about who you are, why would I hire you and where you fit into the business brand/corporation/firm, then we can take your brand and market it to your target audience. defines “values” in part as “[i]mportant and lasting beliefs or ideals shared by the members of a culture about what is good or bad and desirable or undesirable. Values have major influence on a person’s behavior and attitude and serve as broad guidelines in all situations.”


When used as a development tool or an intervention for change and innovation, leadership is the grandfather of all values. Leadership is the most important value to cultivate in your organization. Once leadership is truly mastered within an organization, it will lead to other values. All such values can then drive profitability.

No matter what else they do or what else is printed on their business cards, senior leaders in the most successful socially-responsible or values-driven companies see themselves as “Chief Culture Officers.” These people take time to cultivate leadership in others and make sure they lead as an example, always.



The notion of responsibility goes hand in hand with integrity and creating an even playing field. The definition of responsibility includes the word, “control”. If I have to be responsible for you, then I must control you. If that doesn’t sit well with you, then perhaps choose to see your level of responsibility in your organization and career differently. Even if you are not a formal “leader” in your practice, where can you take more responsibility for the overall business success? If no one takes responsibility, assuming others will do so because they are officially named firm leaders, then the values system breaks down and profitability takes a hit for certain.

Personal Growth

Part of responsibility is stepping back to see where you can grow personally. Some of the most amazing masters I know acknowledge they are not perfect. They turn to coaches and others for support to make them even better. Where are you not taking your personal growth seriously? Why not? I acknowledge it is very scary to admit to ourselves -and then to others- that we could stand to be better, however there is great strength that comes from doing so. Not only do others respect you for your honesty, and your firm values are more effective because you are working on improving yourself.


As humans we are so very hard on ourselves. As professionals, we are even more hard on ourselves because we are seen as counselors and advisors to so many. Consider forgiveness as a very important value for yourself. Learning to forgive ourselves allows us to choose to see others differently. This value then allows us to be kinder on others in our firm, which drives morale. Prospective clients are attracted to the energy around a firm where people get along.

So stop and ask yourself:

  • Do you really live your business values, as a person? If not, how can you do better?
  • Do you live leadership as a value, whether you formally lead others or not?
  • Do you take responsibility for your life and career?
  • Do you practice forgiveness- of yourself and others?

Part II: #1 Way To Avoid Brand Failure in 2016: Personal Power


Road endsIn part I on this subject I discussed how to set intentions, instead of expectations, for ourselves so other colleagues and/or friends can’t disappoint us. In this way, our brand shines and we are happy.

I listed that expectations in my world involve: 1) a plan and 2) responsibility.

In this post, let’s take a deeper look at what it means to take responsibility for our expectations. I wanted to focus on responsibility because when I take a look around (and take a look deep inside), I find that responsibility is the one thing we, as humans, lack. I know I personally find it much easier to “pass” on things or “pass” things off or look the other way. Who doesn’t?

Here’s how “Responsibility” is defined in the dictionary:

“The state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone.”

So it seems that “responsibility” involves a duty or control.  What so often happens is that we don’t want to add more duties to our long list of tasks. In a world where we are over-texted, over-tweeted and over-caffeinated, adding more duties to our list seems crazy…and very scary.

Then there’s control.  I always work diligently to stop and examine my state of “overwhelm”.  Overwhelm happens more frequently than I like, still.  The good news is that I have self-awareness about it.  So I can do something about it.  This means I choose to stay responsible for my life and exercise self-control.  The result is that I can stay in my personal power. This means my brand can shine instead of take a hit.  Otherwise, I’d be seen (and go around like) as an out-of-control nutty person.

What’s the alternative? I don’t exercise responsibility and then others have to (notice I didn’t say, “choose to”) control me.  Then I would blame others for being controlling, find more ways to shirk my responsibility and the nasty cycle continues.

If we don’t choose to take responsibility for ourselves, others will have to control us.  You don’t have to believe me if that bothers you.  Just go back and read the definition of “responsibility” above. 

It may not happen all the time, but when I do stay in my personal power and exercise responsibility and thus, control, for myself- oh it feels so good. I produce so much good work. My clients love me even more. I love me more and my personal relationships thrive.  That’s just divine.

What does this mean for you? Stop and consider:

  • When was the last time you refused to be responsible for: a) yourself and/or b) a duty or task? How did it go for you? Did you feel in your personal power or not?
  • The next time you aren’t being responsible in your life, what do others see of you and your brand? Is this view others have of you OK to you? If not, what can you choose to do about it to stay in your personal power, shine as a brand and be happier? I guarantee you, if you decide to choose to find the answer inside yourself, you’ll do so. You are the only one with the right AND the power to do so.
  • The next time you blame someone for “being controlling”, how much of it was up to you? No one chooses to control us unless we allow them to do so.  I promise. 


First, Know Yourself So You Know What To Market.