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Problematic Political Personal Brands


With all the hype in the media over the “issues” with San Diego’s Mayor, Bob Filner, I think it is time again to look at personal brands of those in public service and entertainment.  What seems to be the problem here?

Is it that politicians and celebrities make “mistakes” or that their mistakes are on center stage?  It seems the common thread throughout all this is integrity and decency.  No one needs to tell us that’s what makes a fantastic personal brand. Yet, we often forget…

As I talked about previously in this post, why is it that some of those in the entertainment industry and politics make it through a personal brand crisis better off than others? For instance, why would it be that Bill Clinton survived the Monica “incident” so well and Bob Filner is not doing so well?  Someone remarked that it has to do with the fact that seven women have stepped forward regarding Bob Filner, versus just one Monica incident.  Really? I don’t buy it.

All politics aside, I believe it has to do with the strength of the person’s personal brand.  Bill Clinton just resonates a more charismatic, grounded, credible and joyful personal brand than Bob Filner.  End of story.  And now, Clinton is a philanthropist.  Do you ever see Bob Filner being a charitable community service kind of brand?

What does this mean for you?  Well, does your own personal brand withstand ups and downs by being: genuine, confident, dynamic, vulnerable, generous and credible?  If not, what is your plan to cultivate this in your personal brand?

The Carnival Cruise Ship Brand- “Fun” Ship?


Most of us know by now what happened last week with yet another cruise ship in the Carnival family of ships.  Yes, more stranded passengers at sea in less than hygienic conditions… and then some.  The events were obviously unfortunate for all involved.  I can just imagine being a passenger who had my precious vacation days wasted and health compromised, not to mention the monetary damage.  Are we having fun yet??

The most important branding buzz has been about the compensation Carnival offered their guests.  A big part of brand management is how we use compassion and connection value to take care of clients and staff.  This is particularly true when a wrong has been committed, thereby damaging the brand.

It was appropriate of Carnival to offer compensation to passengers.  However, I’m not sure they got to the heart of pain they created for passengers by offering them a refund, $500 and another cruise- for free.  How can a dollar amount, such as $500, be the “right” figure given what passengers endured?  Why would Carnival assume that a free cruise would be sufficient brand rehabilitation?  After all, those passengers now have a negative brand perception of cruising on Carnival.

In creating or rehabilitating a brand, you must put yourself in your clientele’s shoes.  This isn’t about what you want, but what your target market or clientele want from you, whether that’s an apology or joy.


Lessons Learned From Brand “Republican”- How Do You Block The Success of Your Brand?


The term “brand” is usually related to food, cars  and clothing.  It has been our job (and an uphill one at that!) to show companies and business owners that branding applies to people as well.  However, much to our pleasure these days, the term “brand” is used much more widely and commonly with respect to people and groups.

Just recently, Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal delivered his party’s formal response to Obama’s vision for this country.  In his response, Jindal said, “We had a number of Republicans damage the [Republican] brand this year with offensive and bizarre comments.”  Jindal was referring to self-sabotage in sending a brand off-course.  Self-sabotage is sadly a common characteristic of the human race.  We would like to deny it as much as possible, but we cannot.  In the personal branding world, we see self-sabotage play out daily.  We don’t even know we are blocking our personal brand success until it is often too late. Even then, we may not want to believe it is our fault.

We don’t just come up with a personal brand for companies and employees.  We help you understand your individual uniqueness as a person and then work on communicating that uniqueness to your target audience so that you captivate them with your memorability and credibility.  We want you each to be different, understand the difference and bring that uniqueness to the business brand so that there is a synergy created based on a common, united front- that’s the synchronized, harmonious business brand/perception the target market feels when they encounter each of you. As a natural consequence of self-sabotage and poor personal brand management, we also rehabilitate personal brands.

So what exactly is the brand of a Republican or a liberal or any other group for that matter?  Well, it depends on the audience and their perception.   The way we define “brand” is a list of identifying characteristics of a person or group.  This list of identifying characteristics is dictated by the person or group, as well as by the audience perception.

So for example, Jindal believes the Republicans damaged their brand.  Does his audience believe the same?  And even more important, what are we going to do to rehabilitate the brand- inside the group and out in the audience?

What’s important for you to do is start paying more attention to the term, “brand”.  First define your identifying characteristics, then manage to audience perception. 

First, Know Yourself So You Know What To Market.