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Societal Brand Booster: The Impact of the Olympics

olympics2016I love the Olympics. Summer, Winter, all of it. It doesn’t matter to me the sport or the level of competition. Thinking back, I’ve always loved the Olympics. Not only was it inspirational to me as a little girl to see the athletes, it was fun to get into the spirit of the celebration of working on a dream and setting out to achieve it.

Nowadays in my family, we still get excited to watch the Olympics. And there’s more of a reason to love the games.

My husband and I have both developed a theory around the Olympics: The Olympics are good for our individual brands AND for business brands. How? Why?

Consider that 78% of everything you and I buy is NOT based on the content, but on how the service provider or product makes us feel. The only emotion that matters, sells, influences, attracts and engages is happiness.

The Olympics are high-toned and happy. For the two weeks or so that the Olympics are on, the world is a happier place. As a result, people are more motivated- motivated to help one another, to cheer one another on, to take care of themselves and be happier.

As a dentist, each Olympic season my husband notes a noticeable difference in his patients’ tone and willingness to take care of their teeth and oral health.

People are better brands. They (consciously or subconsciously) want to be better and be a part of something greater than just themselves. The Olympics fosters teamwork and support, which then leads to better business brands.

How could you not watch the athletes, hear the stories of the years of sacrifice and training they have made and not want more for yourself, your family, your business and your colleagues/career?

Contrast this with politics and the 2016 Vote. Blech…

The Olympics have been such a nice respite from the mud-slinging, fake-ness and low-toned campaigns we have to endure. That’s all we hear about. As a former lobbyist in Washington DC, I didn’t like it then. As a branding expert, I really don’t like it now. Nothing about politics is high-toned, including the candidates’ brands.

What does this mean for you?

• If you have a business/are an entrepreneur, take notice of how your business does during the Olympics. You should show a sign of increasing profits and sales. This would be the optimal time to take the momentum generated by the Olympics and boost your employees’ morale and drive – this will impact retention and production.

• If you work for an organization, notice how the staff and your colleagues are performing. This would be the optimal time to take the momentum generated by the Olympics and create a brand culture based on values and what drives your team as people.

• Stop and notice your own brand. Do you and your brand sell happiness at some level by showing up as happy? You should be happier and more motivated to allow success in your life. Take this extra brand boost and run with it for these two weeks. Hopefully, it will become a habit for you beyond the Olympics.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Call or email me to discuss how to harness your own brand and that of your teams’ brand to be optimal and happier and succeed more.

The Personal Brand of Champions: Bode Miller, Grace, Dignity and The Media


bode millerBy now we have all heard and/or seen the interview NBC’s Christine Cooper conducted with skier Bode Miller after his Super G Olympic win last Sunday.  I got to watch the interview live on Sunday.  Here’s how I saw it go down:  Miller wins another medal as a truly decorated athlete.  Cooper interviews him immediately.  She asked about his win and then swiftly moved on to ask about the recent (and raw) passing of Miller’s brother.

But she didn’t just ask once- Cooper just kept asking the same question over and over again in what amounted to me to be one of the most disgusting displays of the media sensationalizing and abusing people.  I mean here is a great athlete who has accomplished a great thing.  And Cooper wants to spend two-thirds of the interview trying to bring Miller to tears, which she did. I get how these things work.  Her producer was plugged into her earpiece.  Likely the producer was encouraging Cooper to persist to see how far they could push Miller.

But forget about the media- they don’t need any more attention in my book for the embarrassing behavior they call journalism.  I was amazed by Miller.  He kept his composure as much as he could.  Even after the fact, he has been quoted as saying Cooper was just doing her job.  Talk about a personal brand of a champion.

We can all learn from Olympians and particularly, Bode Miller.  A personal brand that takes the high road with grace and dignity and forgiveness is a winning personal brand always.  Now if only the media could take a page from Miller’s book and learn something from their pathetic behavior.


Keep Your Olympic Optimism Going To Maximize Your Personal Brand


As the 2012 London Summer Olympic games wrapped up last night, my family and I were quiet and a bit sad.   The Olympics are shown to be a mood booster, not only for spectators and TV viewers, but for the entire country.

Did you notice your overall mood and outlook on life was more positive and joyful during the 17 days of London Olympic competition?  Did you notice you weren’t living in fear of terrorism, natural disasters, or politics? Did you notice your personal brand resonated louder and with more ease and grace?  Did you notice your job and/or your business was better off, as a result?

Research has shown that businesses tend do better during the Olympics, as people are more optimistic about life.  Who wouldn’t be more optimistic and more likely to make a purchase when we are watching people compete with grace?  Who wouldn’t be more optimistic when, instead of being peppered with media coverage of death and destruction and politics,  we are watching athletes aspire to their best and to live their dreams?

So the question becomes how do we, as individuals and employees and business owners, maintain this positive attitude and effective personal brand, post-Olympics?  The answer never lies with someone else, but truly and only from within.

Please remember that you don’t need the Olympics to keep you positive and living your personal brand like a true champion.  While it is nice to have the Olympic reminder every two years, you can do this all on your own:  just choose to be joyful and optimistic.  The result is always going to be an enhanced personal brand and business brand, which lead to higher sales and revenues.  Give it a try. I promise you won’t be sorry you tried.

First, Know Yourself So You Know What To Market.