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Mergers, Acquisitions & the Personal Brand Erosion Impact


Mergers and acquisitions are a topic from my previous career as an attorney. However, it applies to personal brand management just as well.  We see the impact, first-hand, of what happens to the corporate brands when two entities merge as a result of an acquisition.  It’s often times anything but pretty- for the companies involved and all the employees.  I was recently interviewed on this topic.  See the video below or click on the link http://

Katy Goshtasbi, JD on impact on company brand from Pamela Stambaugh on Vimeo.

In personal brand management, we are always looking at the two “C”s, clarity and consistency.  When two companies merge, we find the clarity and consistency of the brands (both corporate and personal brands of the people) take a big hit.

I was having lunch recently with an employee who had witnessed his company be acquired by another.  He was anything but happy by the new corporate brand.  He felt completely lost and left out of his “new” company.  He was telling me he felt like his voice no longer mattered- that the new company had forced their beliefs and procedures and entire brand philosophy on his acquired company.  As a result, he was disillusioned and wondering how long he could take it anymore.

Personal brand management is about feeling unique, owning your uniqueness and communicating your best qualities with confidence to your target market.  It is extremely hard to work somewhere when you think your company (and you) no longer matters.   We find employees’ self-confidence and ability to express their unique qualities is eroded often to a point of no return.  When the trust factor fails, productivity decreases and a quality personal brand fades fast.

The key is for management to have a solid brand consolidation plan post-mergers.  This plan MUST include a personal brand management portion so that each employee understands: 1) the new corporate brand messaging and positioning and 2) their own personal brand so they can fit well within the new entity and produce results and be in harmony with other employees.

First, Know Yourself So You Know What To Market.