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Holiday Joy or Stress? 3 Ways To Take Better Care of You & Your Brand.


Right around this time of year we all start to feel the stress of the holidays.  The joy of the season leads to the angst of the season. We tend to panic, rush, panic some more, and feel like we can’t come up for air.  We tend to put ourselves last- even more than usual. So what gives?

I can say that I can fall into the same trap if I’m not careful. I always look forward to the holidays.  Don’t get me wrong, I have the same issues that you do.  If I let myself get swept away, then I’m so busy I don’t even enjoy the holidays.  I would just run around buying up gifts and random “stuff”, eating to excess and then feeling guilty about it all.  My stress would go through the roof and as a result, my personal brand would be down the drain.

However, by employing some self-awareness first, followed by self-care/nurturing myself, I can make the holiday season mean more. As a result, I radiate a personal brand that is attractive on so many levels to so many people.

This year I asked myself what do I want most out of December?  The answer was NOT more gifts and “stuff”.  The answer was: peace and joy and surrounding myself with people that make me a better person.

All of this takes deliberate intent based on my self-awareness of what matters.  So if I want peace and joy, I have to find it inside myself first before I can give it out to others AND get it back.  How do I find peace and joy?

For me it is about sitting still (meditating), slow start mornings (no emails, voicemails, lots of yoga and exercise), and partaking in receptivities (versus activities) as Amanda Owen so brilliantly recommends.  That’s how I choose to nurture and take care of myself and thus, my personal brand.

So what does this mean for you?

  • Are you self-aware of what you want out of this holiday season?
  • Are you aware of your stress level and brand value?
  • Based on this self-awareness and deliberate brand creation, what is one thing you can do to nurture and take care of yourself?

First, Know Yourself So You Know What To Market.