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Brand builder: Do you have “Good Enough Syndrome”? When is “good enough” really enough

My husband and I used to have this age-old argument regularly. Here’s how it went: there would be dishes in the sink. The fact that they were dirty and in the sink would bother me. So I would either: a) glare at my husband hoping he got the message and did the dishes or b) get upset because he wasn’t a mind reader and do the dishes myself.

This would of course lead to resentment on my end and upset on his end- he hadn’t done anything wrong, but had I?   After all, if I wanted the dishes done at that very moment, then I should do it myself, right?

So for a while I chalked it up to anxiety. I thought I must have anxiety and insist on the dishes being done. I then realized I don’t have anxiety, so how could I have anxiety about the dishes? Finally, it dawned on me. I had “Good enough” syndrome, as I Iike to call it.

You see, in order for me to have felt like I was “good enough”, I had to do the dishes and all the other chores that I felt compelled to do. That’s what made me a workhorse. That’s what wore me out and left me unhappy.

Of course, it’s not all bad being a workhorse and wanting to excel. This trait allows me to run an entire company very well.

However, when I realized that I was doing too much in order to be “good enough”, I chose to see things differently. When I chose to see things differently, my world shifted.

I stopped setting the bar so high for myself. This reduced my stress. I realized I was “good enough” as I was. I didn’t have to do all the dishes or any other chore or task. My relationship with my husband improved, too. I now know that I’m “good enough” even if I want to sit on the couch all day long and do nothing.

When we allow ourselves to be “good enough”, we give ourselves permission to love ourselves as we are. We then love others as they are, too. This doesn’t mean setting the bar low. It means setting the bar at a realistic place to make room for us to be happy. As a result, our stress is lower. This allows for us to naturally excel without force or resistance. Resistance brings on brand dissonance. Brand dissonance leads to a low brand value for you.

What does this mean for you? Stop and think for yourself:

  • Where do you set the bar too high for yourself?
  • How does this incredibly high bar lead to stress in your life and a less-than optimal brand?
  • What is one thing you can take action on to know that you are “good enough” and be happier and a better brand so others are attracted and engaged with you naturally?




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