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The Mentality of A Successful Brand: New Immigrant, Entrepreneur


IMG_0171I often share with my audiences that I’m an immigrant.   It’s always so interesting to me to acknowledge that what once seemed a sad reality in my life (I got beaten up for being an immigrant more than once, that I can remember!) has become a point of interest and reflection for my audiences and clients.

In brand development, I speak of the need to be self-aware of your own brand. A secondary benefit of becoming more self-aware is that you also learn to become better aware of others- what are they doing that works well and/or doesn’t work well? Why and how?

I was a speaker last week at the annual Million Dollar Roundtable (MDRT) conference in New Orleans. One of the other speakers was Thomas Friedman, the New York Times columnist who wrote the bestseller, The World Is Flat.

Friedman made a wonderful point encouraging the 10,000 audience members (all within the top 1% of financial professionals worldwide) to identify their extra, non-routine human dimensions. In my opinion, it is these human dimensions that allow us to serve our clients well, from a heart-centered perspective- as effective brands.IMG_0146

Among many, Friedman discussed two of the rules to reach this non-routine human dimension: 1) to always think like a new immigrant, even if you are not an immigrant and 2) always think like an entrepreneur, whatever your job may be.

Why new immigrants and entrepreneurs? New immigrants are motivated, eager and resilient. They often see opportunity where others may miss it. The same logic applies to entrepreneurs’ mentality.

I can still remember the first few years of being a new immigrant. While the world around me was so confusing, particularly as a six-year old girl, it was also very exciting and different. It seemed like there were endless possibilities and avenues. It wasn’t until Friedman talked that I realized the new immigrant mentality is always in me, even 37 years later and, helping to make me a great brand.

I’m also that entrepreneur that Friedman mentions. As a former non-entrepreneur, I LOVE being an entrepreneur. It’s a great brand and a great mentality. I wake up every day wondering what opportunity will come my way to make someone’s day better and set them up for success as a brand.

Whenever someone says “no” to me, my new immigrant and entrepreneur mentality kick in. I rarely skip a beat. I rarely get upset or feel rejected. Instead, I just assume they are not ready to work with us/my company, just yet. I wish them well and move on. After all, I’m on a mission. I don’t get to quit.   I’d be a liar if I didn’t acknowledge that every once in a while I have a bad day and pout. But those days are few and far in between.

What does this mean for you?

  • Have you ever really stopped to look around you at your own mentality everyday?
  • Do you have what Friedman calls the “new immigrant and entrepreneur” mentality, even if you are not an immigrant or entrepreneur?
  • Regardless of what you do for a “job”, “living” or “business”, what really drives you to keep your human dimension as a brand?

First, Know Yourself So You Know What To Market.