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Is Your Personal Brand Flawed But Fabulous?


Lately we’ve been seeing many clients with a need to be “perfect”.  Perfectionism is not an uncommon need and goal. This is especially true when we look at certain careers, such as lawyers and engineers and doctors….

The issue around the need to be a perfectionist is that since you are never satisfied that something is done “well” or “perfectly”, then you go into business paralysis, which I blogged about a few months back.  In terms of the results on your personal brand- it is tremendous and yucky.

Perfectionists often appear: 1) out of control  2) weak  3) confused because they can’t “decide”  4) lazy because they talk  and take no action 5) indecisive and/or 6) greedy because they appear to be hoarding a concept, plan or theory.    Now, who would want to do business with you if these are the judgments we have about you?

Of course, most of these judgments just are not true at all.  But you have to break through your limiting beliefs around being a perfectionist before you can save your personal brand and your business brand.

We recently had a client who did just this.   This client seemed paralyzed and couldn’t find her target market.  She is a lovely and talented professional working for a large organization.  The way she dealt with her perfectionist tendencies is to consider that she is flawed, but can still be fabulous.  She came to the realization that no one is perfect and perfection is something that can NEVER be attained, so why bother?  She now owns her “flaws” (although we can’t really find these flaws ourselves, but no matter- we are often our toughest critics!) and still believes she is fabulous.

This mental outlook has enabled her to find her target market, set up a personal branding strategy and thus, work to create solutions for her target market AND grow her business.  How fabulous is that?!

People are attracted to our shortcomings because we can identify and connect with REAL people who make us feel good about ourselves.  We want to know these people and do business with their fabulous, yet flawed personal brands. So next time you find something is just not perfect enough, consider that you can be flawed AND  fabulous.


Do You Suffer From Business Paralysis?


Another trend I see regularly from my clients and business owners is what I call, “business paralysis”.  I will often ask business owners certain questions regarding key personal branding components within their business.  For example, what type of target market they want to develop – or how they want to generally resonate with prospects and other businesses.

The response is unfortunately often the same.  The business owners tell me that they can’t seem to make a decision on this topic, so they have tabled the topic (often completely!) until further notice!  What this translates into is a business that has been derailed/delayed due to indecision and unorganized/unstructured planning and fact-gathering.

The business owner’s demeanor and general business posture follows the paralysis mentality- they often feel resigned to not succeeding and being a business failure.   Their personal brand is diluted because they come across as indecisive and lacking self-confidence.  Who wants to hire anyone like that?

This same “paralysis” applies to employees looking for a job and/or new career.  If you have been told “no” often enough in this economy, you are likely to think you are a failure and hence, go into paralysis over your competence in your given field.  Guess what happens then?  No one wants to hire someone who has a less-than confident personal brand.

What does this mean for you?  Own who you are, whether a business owner or job seeker/employee!  Just make a decision and keep moving forward.  Any decision is better than indecision leading to paralysis and a weak and inauthentic personal brand.  Even a “wrong” decision will mean you are moving forward and that is attractive to the rest of us because you are in control of your life and personal brand.  This shows you can handle our business and/or do a competent job as an employee.

Give it a try. The only failure is in not trying- I promise.

First, Know Yourself So You Know What To Market.