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Problematic Political Personal Brands


With all the hype in the media over the “issues” with San Diego’s Mayor, Bob Filner, I think it is time again to look at personal brands of those in public service and entertainment.  What seems to be the problem here?

Is it that politicians and celebrities make “mistakes” or that their mistakes are on center stage?  It seems the common thread throughout all this is integrity and decency.  No one needs to tell us that’s what makes a fantastic personal brand. Yet, we often forget…

As I talked about previously in this post, why is it that some of those in the entertainment industry and politics make it through a personal brand crisis better off than others? For instance, why would it be that Bill Clinton survived the Monica “incident” so well and Bob Filner is not doing so well?  Someone remarked that it has to do with the fact that seven women have stepped forward regarding Bob Filner, versus just one Monica incident.  Really? I don’t buy it.

All politics aside, I believe it has to do with the strength of the person’s personal brand.  Bill Clinton just resonates a more charismatic, grounded, credible and joyful personal brand than Bob Filner.  End of story.  And now, Clinton is a philanthropist.  Do you ever see Bob Filner being a charitable community service kind of brand?

What does this mean for you?  Well, does your own personal brand withstand ups and downs by being: genuine, confident, dynamic, vulnerable, generous and credible?  If not, what is your plan to cultivate this in your personal brand?

First, Know Yourself So You Know What To Market.