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Got Your 2012 Personal Branding Goal?


As we wrap up 2011 and reflect back on all the events in our lives, let’s look and see how our 2011 personal branding goal played out during the past year.  First of all, I hope you all set a personal branding goal for 2011.  If not, then let’s look to do so for 2012.  Goal-setting of any kind helps us set an intention with a clear path for success and happiness.

I often get asked, why does my personal branding goal change from year to year-shouldn’t I be keeping the same goal each year  for consistency?  I do stress all the time that marketing and branding are about consistency about your message.  However, as humans we are all dynamic beings.  This means we change and evolve with time.  Change and growth are good things.  As time passes, our personal brands shift because our needs, wants, activities, and life circumstances change and shift.   As our personal brand changes, then so must our personal branding goals.

So please take some time before the new year to contemplate:

1) how you have evolved  in 2011

2) what milestones you have hit

3) what is important in your life now

4) who is important in your life now

5)what message you want to convey about yourself

6) how this message conveys into your business brand and goals

7) where you plan on “showing up” in 2012 with your personal brand message

8) does this all make you joyful and fill you with bliss?!?! We can see your joy/bliss, or lack thereof,  from a mile away.


Right & Left Brained Behavior and Our Image


Our behavior is key to our effective image.  Part of our behavior is understanding how we tend to communicate information to clients and how they process and receive this information.  This is where the difference between left and right-brained people comes into play.

Left brain qualities include linear thinking, discipline, punctuality and organization.  Right brain qualities include creativity, visual-orientation toward life and less credence on formal time concepts.  So you would be much better off drawing a picture for a right-brained client than talking them through a concept, your services, etc.  They would “get” you much better in this way.

Both right and left brained qualities are very important for a successful image. Having a sense of balance between your left and right brain means you communicate and process information well.  As left-brained people, it is smart to do things with purpose and not waste time in the process. When we balance logical intelligence with right brain qualities such as creativity, feelings, perceptions and colors, we are using a whole-person approach and are more wise for it.

The best leaders, successful people with the most effective image, are those who use creativity and heart (right-brained) in making their logical decisions (left-brained).

Such success is not just quantified in material wealth/terms, but in tandem with abstract values such as joy, love, peace and fulfillment.

So try to figure out how you process information/behave most naturally: from a right or a left-brained perspective.  I have a quiz that I give my clients so we can determine their tendency quickly.  Then, seek to achieve balance between your left and right brain.  This balance will help you understand yourself and your clients and how you should be behaving/relating to them.  Thus, this gives you an effective and winning image.

Wishing You A Fabulous Image,


First, Know Yourself So You Know What To Market.