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What Others Are Saying About Personal Branding Bootcamp:

Vera Stoddard, VMS Capital

If you want to have a better understanding of how to best present yourself and want clients to come to you- then sign up for Personal Branding Bootcamp!

Jill Morris, ChoiceWorks, Inc.

My biggest results from bootcamp was learning I have a brand: how to recognize it, optimize it and use it.

D. Wiedenhoeft, Worldwide Credit Corporation.

I needed a way to make myself stand out in my industry. The best part of bootcamp was it was informative and honest. The environment felt safe and yet thought provoking. I’m already receiving feedback that my personal brand is coming across.

V. Huntales, Sustainable Transitions.

Before Bootcamp, I couldn’t articulate my brand and understand the value. Through the many examples and class exercises, I got clear on my personal branding adjectives. I now have increased confidence and an understanding of my ideal client.

K. Zacharias, KSWZ Insurance Co.

Before Bootcamp, I needed more business and leads. Bootcamp made me think about my USP. I’ve received 2 business awards since starting Bootcamp. I have more leads, more business and more results. I feel more confident.

Puris Personal Branding - Bootcamp

First, Know Yourself So You Know What To Market.