What’s Your Super-Hero Power?

Growing up, I loved Wonder Woman! I thought she was so pretty and strong and she seemed really kind, too.  Fast forward, and at 45 years of age, I still love Wonder Woman.  I still think she’s pretty, strong and kind.  For me, it’s not a feminist “thing”. It was just the fact that I related to her based on gender and still do.  Or maybe that does make it a feminist thing?!?

These days we call it “strength”/natural talent instead of “super-here power”. I prefer the term, “super-hero power” because it is a lot more fun and allows us to get creative and use our imagination.

Everyone of us has our own super-hero power within us.  We just choose to not look inside to find it because it seems silly, perhaps.  However, the only way to stay relevant in this world is to figure out your power and use it to be of service in this world.  Otherwise, I can totally see how we can feel irrelevant and let it get us down.

So close your eyes and think to the one thing you do everyday that comes so naturally for you- it’s like breathing air or blinking.  What do others compliment you on most often?  Maybe that will help you come up with your power.  Another way to come up with your power is to consider what in this world amazes and fascinates you the most to the point you think about it often.  Bugs? Why it snows? Cooking?  Exercise? You get the picture.

Regardless of how you come up with your power, it’s there.  Most of my clients just can’t see this fact when we first start collaborating together.

Acknowledging our power then leads us to acknowledge that we can use this power to support others, be of service, serve our purpose and perhaps…if we really are brave….save the world- just like our favorite super-hero did. 

If this thought is really far-fetched to you, then consider you may be playing small and not choosing to see your own greatness.  Relax into it and give it a shot- you may surprise yourself by how much fun you are having and finding your purpose here.  Plus, I bet you’d look really great dressed up as your very own super-hero for Halloween. I did!

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