How To Be An Inspirational Leader

The other day I had to tell a colleague that I didn’t agree with one of their actions. I sat and thought about it for a very long time. How should I say it? Should I say it? When should I say it?

Sometimes it is so hard to have certain conversations with others. It literally feels painful. That’s just human nature.

Now take that same difficult conversation and make it about business. It’s even worse, right? Now you have your job on the line possibly, if the conversation doesn’t go well.

A client last week was dreading having this conversation with a subordinate who wasn’t performing well. She just couldn’t figure out how to make the conversation easier. I asked her why she was really having this conversation with her staff member. She replied that she wanted him to enjoy his job and be a contribution to the company. All of a sudden, the conversation didn’t seem so bad. Why?

Here’s what I’ve found helps. You just have to change your mentality. What do I mean?

What if you choose to see the conversation as a way for you to be a good leader? Set a goal to have these conversations be about you inspiring your staff. If you look at it in this way, then you can also see how these tough conversations are also a way for your staff to inspire you to be a better leader.

What does this mean for you? Next time you have to have a tough conversation with someone at work, ask yourself:

  • what do you really want to achieve from that conversation? If it’s just to be “right”, then rethink whether you really should have the conversation at all.
  • How can you look at the conversation as a positive, instead of dreading it? Look to the outcome you want to achieve to set your mood.

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