Why Worry About Others? Keep The Focus On Brand YOU!


Sprout.So often when we are struggling with ourselves and our business and careers, we tend to shift our focus to others.  I mean, we start to pick on others OR we try to help others master what we secretly can’t master ourselves.

There have been so many times in my life when I was feeling lost and “stuck” in something.  What I thought brought me relief was to start looking around at others- were they doing “it” better or worse? If better, then how? If worse- then yay!  I could judge them and then pretend to “help” them because I was such a caring and giving person.  See the problem, folks?

While the best way to learn something is to teach it, there are limits on this notion.  If you have no idea what you are talking about, you can’t teach anything to anyone with credibility and effectiveness. Even worse, your intentions are key. If you really are not trying to be of service, people can tell.  Your brand fails miserably at that point.

So what’s the key?  I’ve found over time, the best way to refine and work on your brand is to just focus on YOU.  If you want others to follow you, become your client, friend or employer, then just turn inwards and put all your efforts on your own brand development.

Why?  Once your brand is up to speed and you are resonating with others, then others will automatically gravitate towards you.  At that point you just have to stand there with grace and accept them all to you. 

It’s like the flower or plant that shifts and grows towards the sunlight.  That flower or plant can’t help but be attracted to the light.  You and your well developed brand are the light and others will shift, notice, gravitate and follow you- just like the flower. They will grow from your betterment of yourself.

So go out there and focus on your own brand.  It always takes time and patience, but you are up for it.

“When you see what you can offer the world, your world shifts”, – Oprah.

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