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Here's An Example Of What NOT To Do With Your Corporate Image


Dear Verizon Wireless:  Why did the following have to happen today? 

I go into a Verizon store because my bluetooth is not working. There are roughly 15 customers there.  The employee at the door greets me. I tell her I need technical support. She rolls her eyes.  In response, I re-assure her it’s ok because I’m not one of the other 15 people who are there to buy phones, right? She says everyone else is there for technical support, too, and that my wait is ONE hour! 

I left the store promptly. The employee was thrilled to cross me off her list.   Talk about poor image in the eyes of customers- unmotivated, unhappy employees and technical problems with devices.   Perhaps they are going for notoriety?

Verizon, please consider hiring me. I can help your image problem. The technical support issue is all you, unfortunately. Good luck with that one.

Wishing You A Fabulous Image,


Top 9 Tips On Perfecting Your Business Image



  1. Appearance, Appearance, Appearance– Why did you wear what you are wearing today?  Be conscious of what you wear and why. You are always sending and receiving messages based on appearance.  Judgments are always being made based on appearance.  Visual cues are key.  Be aware of visual messages you send and receive.
  2. Always ask yourself:  “Does my appearance, behavior and communication enhance my image or detract from it?”

3. First Impressions last a lifetime- rarely do you get a second chance to make a first impression.  There are many people in the same business as you.  Make that first visual impression a good one so your potential client stops to get to know you and your business.

4. In this economy your potential clients are jaded.  Sincerity goes a long way to build long-lasting relationships.  Be yourself and be the best self you can be!

5. Know your work goal.  Then you can strive to create an image plan to meet your work goal and succeed.

6. Learn whether you are right-brained or left brained so that you understand how you relate to clients best.  Then learn whether your clients are left or right-brained so you can get your message and advice across most efficiently and effectively.

7. Client development often equals community outreach and service.  Go out and perform selfless and genuine community service no matter how little time you have to give.  Not only are you helping your community and humanity, but your clients, potential clients and referral sources see you as a decent human being worthy of their trust and business.

8. Relate and communicate with everyone with the realization that we are all human.  Be flexible with clients and colleagues. 

9. Watch your body language in meetings and over the phone.

Job Search Books


After suggesting to a friend a good book for finding that perfect mate (“Calling In The One”) I recently had the same friend ask me for suggestions of books that may help them find abundance/prosperity in their life and thus- the right job.  

How are the two concepts remotely linked, you ask?  Well, it all goes to your mentality, I believe.  If you believe you are a success in life and capable of abundance and prosperity, you will greatly increase your chances of finding that right job.  

How does this tie into your image?  Well, by feeling like you deserve prosperity, abundance and thus, the right job, you will embody and reflect a self-image of success and confidence.

At its most basic, this great self-image will mean others will be attracted to your positive energy and self-confidence.  This will increase your chances of finding (and attracting) the job of your dreams. 

Basic Rule of Nature:  We all want to associate with those who are positive, self-confident and happy because of our unspoken, innate belief that it may rub off on us. Besides, who doesn’t want to be with a happy person versus hanging around a sad person?  In this economy we can all use as much of a boosting as we can get.

So the book I recommend is Jerry and Esther Hick’s book, “Money and the Law of Attraction”.  Pick a copy up and remain optimistic about your job/career search.  Keep up your image and self-confidence. 

Wishing you a fabulous image,


The Importance of A Good Self-Image


So it seems like Oprah is firmly on board with my business and teachings about why our self-image is so important to our overall success in life:

Enjoy and let me know your thoughts and questions.

Wishing you a fabulous image,


How Is Your Image Impacted By Your Negotiation Skills?


I was in a discussion this afternoon with an executive looking to engage me as a speaker for their organization.  One of my clients who had brought us together, was in the room watching my “negotiation”/conversation with the executive.

At one point the executive asked me if I would speak on a complimentary basis.  To this inquiry, I politely replied “no” and went on to give an explanation as to why.

After the executive had left the room, my client remarked that it was very intriguing to her to watch the shift in the executive’s attitude towards me after I had stated that I would NOT speak complimentary.

Very interestingly and as to be expected, my client rightly noted that the executive seemed to have more respect for me and suddenly found better/more opportunities for me to address the organization.

My client often suffers from doing too much for her own clients without expecting to be compensated monetarily.  Watching our interaction taught her much.

As I explained to her- working for free, or for a fee that is beneath your value, robs you of your positive image with colleagues and clients.  Not only do you do the work begrudgingly and with resentment that builds up over time, but your clients do not value your work and believe that you are desperate.  As a by-product, they may start cancelling or rescheduling your appointments for this very reason.

In contrast, charging the market value for your services imparts an image of success and value to your clients.  In addition, you will feel your self-worth and value increase AND as a direct result, your work product and quality will improve.

So next time you feel like you HAVE to work for free or give a deep discount, step back and re-evaluate the situation from your image perspective.  Remember that you and your business image are valuable and that you and your clients deserve better- in fact you and your clients deserve the very best!

Wishing you a fabulous image,


First, Know Yourself So You Know What To Market.